Goals of the network

The Hardware Acceleration Network NL is a platform to connect Dutch researchers and professionals focused on computer hardware acceleration, a relatively new field that is growing fast in importance both from a research as well as industrial perspective. Our goal is to bring together partners interested in hardware acceleration in the Netherlands and be able to exchange ideas, experiences, spark interest in the field, and define collaborations between universities and with the industry. 

Organizing activities

Our network organizes activities to engender collaborations, and out reach to both organizations as well as interested individuals, both professionals and students, active in the field. We organize a number of activities such as workshops to discuss activities of partners, and seminars to present the state-of-the-art in the field. Here are some more examples of our activities.
– Organize seminars to present new research
– Organize hands-on workshops
– Plan research collaborations
– Show proof-of-concepts/demonstrators
– Execute joint experiments or short projects
– Organize hackathons

Become a member

Becoming a member of our network provides a first hand access to the latest news taking place in the fast advancing field HW acceleration, keeping you up to date with the developments in this exciting technology. Our network provides a number of advantages that members identify as valuable for their profession, such as:
– Networking with peers and professionals
– Acquire knowledge about HW acceleration
– Connect to experts in the field
– Access to latest technologies
– Collaborate on projects

You can become a member by signing up for the HWAcc LinkedIn group or by expressing your interest through mail.


The Hardware Acceleration Network is sponsored by the 4TU.NIRICT program.