HW Acceleration NL meet-up [Oct. 29, 2021]

We would like to invite you to our upcoming online event in October. The focus of this event will be on “Enabling high-performance applications in the industry”, with speakers ranging from IBM to Philips.

The event will be held online on Oct 29, 2021, 15:00 – 17:30. Please register for the event using this form.

We will send the online link to this event two days before the event. You may forward this invitation to your colleagues. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Looking forward to meeting you again virtually!

Event program
15:00 – 15:10 Welcome, introductions and updates
15:10 – 15:30 Peter Hofstee, IBM, “Breaking the memory bottleneck in high-performance computing”
15:30 – 16:00 Rob de Jong, Philips, “High-performance image processing for medical applications: challenges and solutions”

16:00 – 16:10 Break

16:10 – 16:30 Dirk van den Heuvel, Topic Embedded Systems, “Exascale high-performance computing: Infrastructural and modeling concept”
16:30 – 17:00 Joost Hoozemans, Teratide, “Efficient data-centric computing using heterogeneous accelerator system”

17:00 – 17:30 Discussion and drinks

Tools for HW Acceleration Event [Jan. 15, 2021]

We would like to invite you to a new online event organized by our HW Acceleration Network NL. Based on your feedback in the previous event, the focus of this event will be on “Tools for HW acceleration”, with topics ranging from OpenCL and Vitis to machine learning model synthesis.

The event will be held on Jan 15, 2021, 15:00 – 17:00. Please register through the form in the LinkedIn post or by email (info@hwacc.nl).

Below, you’ll find the program of the event. Details of the talks that will take place can be found in the form. Looking forward to meeting you again virtually.

14:45 – 15:00 Zoom link open. Walk-in welcome

15:00 – 15:10 Welcome, introductions and update on network
15:10 – 15:30 Steven van der Vlugt, ASTRON. High Level FPGA Programming in the Industry
15:30 – 15:50 Stefano Corda, TU/e. Radio-astronomical imaging acceleration on Xilinx Vitis

15:50 – 16:00 Break, grab your drink and chit-chat

16:00 – 16:20 Jan Kuper, QbayLogic. Model Based FPGA Design using Clash
16:20 – 16:40 Jakoba Petri-Koenig, TUDelft/Xilinx. FINN: Fast, Scalable Neural Network Inference on FPGAs
16:40 – 17:00 Discussion, Q&A and feedback.

First HW Acceleration Network Event [Sep. 18, 2020]

On September 18, 2020, we organized the very first event in our Hardware Acceleration Network NL, with speakers from both industry and academia, such as ASML, Synopsys and ASTRON, and lots of community interest. Various topics were discussed representing challenges and opportunities in the field of computing hardware acceleration. The event attracted about 30 participants and was organized online. The program of the event was as follows.

Event Timing: Sep 18, 2020, 15:00 – 17:00
Event Address: Online, login instructions will follow
Contact us at steven.vandervlugt@gmail.com or z.al-ars@tudelft.nl

14:45 – 15:00 Zoom link open. Walk-in welcome

15:00 – 15:15 Introduction. Ambition and goals of HW Acceleration Network NL
15:15 – 15:30 John Romein, ASTRON: Technological Innovations in the Processing of Radio-Astronomical Data
15:30 – 15:45 Roel Jordans, TU Eindhoven: Efficient and reliable hardware acceleration, the art of combining opposites
15:45 – 16:00 Mohamed Bamakhrama, Synopsys: Energy-Efficient Deep Neural Networks

16:00 – 16:15 Break, grab your drink and chit-chat 

16:15 – 16:30 Andre Kokkeler, U Twente: High-performance computing at the University of Twente
16:30 – 16:45 Lennart Noordsij, ASML: Fast parallel decompression to overcome the PCIe bottleneck
16:45 – 17:00 Joost Hoozemans, TU Delft: Enabling HW Acceleration for the Big Data Ecosystem
17:00 – 17:15 Round table about common goals and future plans

17:15 – 17:30 Grab your drink and chit-chat  

A news article about the event was published on the ASTRON website.